Just Breathe.

I can’t take it anymore. Feel like my head’s about to explode. But then I hear soft words saying, “Just breathe.”

Here comes that knot again. Tightening in my throat. Tension in my forehead but I hear it again. Just breathe.

The situation is hard to cope with. Seems unbearable and difficult to escape. I keep seeing scenes from that tormentuous moment. Sounds from the altercation. The still cool air. As the repetitious thoughts spiral in my mind my refuge lies in the center. Just breathe.

So I’ve decided to release. Inhale. Exhale. Let go. Tired of those same tired thoughts that are tired of running in my mind. The heart is sensitive but somehow miraculously heals from all the pain. 

Yes there are stains.  Yes there are scars. But I’ve learned to Just Breathe.


Sweet Sleep

Photo courtesy of Shantel G. All rights reserved.

Soft light peers through my window as I’m wrapped by you.
Sweet little nephew.
Although the air is cold I am embraced by your warm love.

Last night while sleeping I heard little feet walk in my room.
I slowly opened my eyes and saw two bright, brown ones staring at me.
You climbed on the bed.
Sitting indian-style next to me waiting for the invite to lay down.
I put my covers on you, then you layed down.
I remember listening to you breathe.
Then finally you faded off to sleep.

As I woke up early this morning you were bundled up next to me.
I put your little arms around the covers.
Brown coily hair and a small brown face.
“Thank you for this gift.”

I thanked God for the angels watching over us as we slept.
Small, steady breathing from my little one.
I wondered what you were dreaming of because out of the blue you said, “Hmm?”
Shortly after you chuckled and smiled.
“The angels must be entertaining him,” I thought.

After slightly opening your eyes you realized I was here.
Kissed my face with those little lips and covered me with your hug.
I smile at you, my sweet little nephew.

Shantel Travels

On this rainy day in York I sit on this couch with my brain scrambled.
I have much to look forward to and yet I feel like I’m still catching up.
I don’t believe this is a stand-still season for me.
So many opportunities and so many ideas. Dreams and fears circle around me.
But I am determined to stay focused.
To not let the “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’s” get me down.
There is no time for doubt.
I am who I was created to be.
Young, brave, and fearless.
Ready to explore.
Taking these manifold opportunities as they come.
I can’t be still.
I have to keep moving.
A greater purpose lies ahead.
God is pulling me closer to my destiny.
Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Time flies’? The sand timer had stood still for a while but now I’m accelerating as the sand starts to flow.

Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed. -Romans 13:11 ESV