A Made Up Mind

I’ve made up my mind. I won’t press rewind. I’ve been down that road too many times. I’d start up the hill. Pedal to the floor. Then I’d lose my momentum ending further back than before. I’d pick up speed, then spread my wings. Run off the cliff to reach my dreams. But then I’d stare at other things. Like cars, gowns, phones, and rings. These were labelled the finer things. Before I realized it, I had lost my wings. Uninspired. Lost and tired. I’d look for someone to blame. To carry my guilt and shame. 

Success is not a stroll in the park. It won’t remain with just a spark. Drive is needed. Courage too. Patience is crucial in order to get through. I’m done chasing the get rich schemes. I’ve made up my mind to live out my dreams. I hope it helps someone along the way. I won’t press rewind; it’s time to press play.

Children, Lead the Way

Sometimes I just want to talk to my nephew. I want to hear his perspective on life. I want to be his student and study his happiness. At 3 years old he has so much wisdom.

My youngest nephew is a big ball of energy. He hasn’t even reached 1 yet but has so much personality. In his excitement, he will clap his hands or make a funny face. He’ll inspect a leaf as we pass a short tree or grab my face. He’ll even fuss you out if he doesn’t get his juice fast enough!

But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” -Matthew 19:14 NLT

Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner child. Children experience so much joy. The smallest things amaze them. They appreciate the things that we overlook. It’s a good day to be a great day.

Photo courtesy of Shantel G. All rights reserved.