What Seed Have You Put In The Ground?

This message is inspired by a journal post  that I wrote in 2014. I pray that it blesses you just as I am blessed by it. \ˈhär-vəst\ the season when crops are gathered from the fields or the activity of gathering crops. When I hear the word "harvest" I think of receiving something and having [...]


Today is the perfect day to be a great day. Today is a day that's here to stay. Wash away the residue from yesterday's past. Remember the Lord your God today. Don't waste time on negative thoughts, words, or deeds. It's time to sow a seed. A seed of productivity. A seed of creativity. A [...]

What’s in your tank?

Good morning. What are you eating this morning? I'm thinking about making some oatmeal with assorted berries mixed in. Or maybe a nice banana smoothie. While you're rummaging through your fridge or cabinet, have you ever thought about soul food? I'm not talking about Granny's good ol' cooking but literally food for your soul. Just [...]