I Wish

I Wish

I wish I could block their eyes from seeing it. I'd shield them all.  I wish I could cover their ears and protect them from the lies that spread like wildfire. I'd shield them from the darkness of this world.  I'd cover them with my arms and serenade them with words of life, comfort, and [...]

Tired of Tangles

Loop-di-loop. Allie oop. Circling, tightening around me. Chains of fury, dark and dreary feed upon my flesh. The light, so bright. It reels me in. I'm entised and captivated. Another crime. Such wasted time. And more and more I hate it. The battery drains just like the day. I sit and then I stare. I [...]

Smile On Me

Make your face shine on your servant; save me in your steadfast love! -Psalm 31:16 Smile on me. Shine on me. Beam through me with your rays of light. Refresh me. Encompass me. Touch me with your passion of love. Never leave me as you promised. Stay by my side. Hold my hand and be [...]

I Rise

I've been struck. Man down. My face hits the ground. Ash rises from the impact and covers my wounds with a bitter taste. The sharp pain engulfs my wounds making me see that my worst can get worse. I hear him laugh. From the corner of my peripheral I see his gray scaly skin as [...]