Love In Action

Love In Action

This past week my main focus has been on being love. Not focusing only on myself but meditating on others and their needs. being 1a:  the quality or state of having existence b(1):  something that is conceivable and hence capable of existing (2):  something that actually exists (3):  the totality of existing things c:  conscious existence :life To be or [...]

Where is Love?

So many of us have asked the following question with earnest intent: What is love? We wonder what does it feel like? How does it smell? Like small children, we wonder where we can find it. Regardless of race, religion, or view these questions circulate in and around. Like sojourners we search for the definition [...]

Can You Feel Me Now

This morning I woke up feeling terrible.  Tired, gloomy,  and irritated. I can't believe this happened. You see, a close friend of mine was in bad company last night. He was interrogated for being around others who made foolish choices. He is someone who doesn't always keep good company. Yesterday he got a wake up [...]