Plants and Seeds

Plants and Seeds

A time of harvest. A time of blessings. No more strife. Please, stop stressing. Joy is here. The sun peers. Through the leaves of green. What a glorious scene. You thought this was the end. But joy cometh in the morning, my friend. Seed, time, and harvest. Water your crops. Let it penetrate your seed. [...]

Fruits of Labor

And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God. (NLT) -Ecclesiastes 3:13 Where are you putting your time? Each one of us decides where we want to use our time. Are you making the most of your time to something that really counts? Everyone of [...]

Shantel Travels

On this rainy day in York I sit on this couch with my brain scrambled. I have much to look forward to and yet I feel like I'm still catching up. I don't believe this is a stand-still season for me. So many opportunities and so many ideas. Dreams and fears circle around me. But [...]