Welcome to Life to your Soul. In April of 2014, I had a vision to create a blog. I wanted to inspire others with transparent posts and encouragement. My main focus was to inform others of the importance of having a relationship with God. While sharing my personal story of overcoming insecurities and depression, viewers began to accumulate from around the world. In that moment, I realized that this platform was a means for God to touch lives and heal broken hearts.

Life to your Soul serves as a ministry where you become awakened, refreshed, and empowered. As stated in Romans 12:2, we do not conform to the ways of the world but are transformed by the renewing of our minds. We believe:

In my spare time, I enjoy shooting photography, mentoring youth, singing, dancing and painting, to name a few. To see what else I’ve been up to, follow me on social media!

God loves you. With Him, you will overcome every trial and experience peace that resounds in your daily life. Embrace this life to your soul!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Shantel I’m so blessed by your blog. I am also proud of the beautiful young woman of God you have become. I’m sure the Lord is pleased with all that you have done thus far. May heaven rain down perpetual BLESSINGS in abundance on you. Love Mom

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