Life to Your Soul

The Love Letter

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I love you. And I don’t mean that as an understatement. You took me, a crummy,  molded mess and made a masterpiece. You’re my closest friend, my greatest inspiration, my goal, and my dream. You make me smile when life’s situations pressure me to cry. Your love is deep. It reaches the most inward parts of my being, parts that I have yet to understand. The waves of your compassion wash up on my shore and clear the sorrow from my sand. Breathe on me. Cast your nets out and reel me in to your ship of assurance. Hold me tenderly, draining out all anguish and despair. Penetrate my soul with your seed of charity and your abundant fruit. No one else understands what we have. They don’t know that I asked you to marry me at the age of 15.He that searches for his wife must know You in order to get to me. But until then I will enjoy this life’s adventures as a physically single, spiritually married woman.

Love Always,
Your Beautiful

Author: Shantel G.

there once was a little girl. who dreamed of impacting the world. but she didn't think she was brave enough. she thought she wasn't strong enough. didn't think she was even beautiful. one day she cried out to God in desperation. she wanted to feel loved and appreciated. God took her under His wings. changed her mindset and set her free from depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, and low self-esteem. she blossomed into a beautiful, courageous, confident woman. her gifts have opened doors and motivated others. her life never was the same. she is still blooming and I am she!

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