Turning the Page

Wow. I can’t believe we’re already at this point. 2016 is a day away. This year has been a whirlwind. Great surprises, deep dives, epic escalades and such. 2015 has been one of the most challenging, traumatic, amazing, risky, exciting years I have ever experienced. I have a lot of new memories in this year. New experiences. New challenges. Real discoveries. What a wonderful year. I have cried, hollered, laughed, screamed, danced, smiled, and created so much stuff. Trying out for American Idol and The Voice was a great accomplishment. Stepping out of my comfort zone and meeting so many people has been wonderful. I have realized so much. God has been my anchor. He has kept me grounded. I won’t make a New Year’s Resolution but my goal is always to thrive, learn, and excel in all that God blesses me with. Have a prosperous new year everyone!
From: Shantel

I do not own rights to this picture.

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