Mental Illness and Christianity

Mental illness is bigger than putting a bandage on something and saying it will get better. Let’s open up the table for discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and hope you all will too!


I believe there are arguments when it comes to Christianity and sicknesses. People may ask, “I thought you are a Christian, so why does your God allow you to suffer from that extreme illnesses?”. People would question your faith and even the mere existence of God.

To be specific, let’s talk about mental illnesses.

“Why do you feel hopeless? Maybe you’re not reading your Bible.”

“Try fasting for days, attend the church services, always pray.”

Reading the Bible, prayer and fasting, and attending church are not bad. It actually helps you to rely more on to God despite the condition. It’s just that these activities may not entirely heal what you’re experiencing. It’s like putting a band-aid on a fresh wound without prior cleaning.

Remember, in the first place, we are not saved by good works, but by what Jesus did on the cross.

What sick people (specifically those who…

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