Sweet Sleep

Photo courtesy of Shantel G. All rights reserved.

Soft light peers through my window as I’m wrapped by you.
Sweet little nephew.
Although the air is cold I am embraced by your warm love.

Last night while sleeping I heard little feet walk in my room.
I slowly opened my eyes and saw two bright, brown ones staring at me.
You climbed on the bed.
Sitting indian-style next to me waiting for the invite to lay down.
I put my covers on you, then you layed down.
I remember listening to you breathe.
Then finally you faded off to sleep.

As I woke up early this morning you were bundled up next to me.
I put your little arms around the covers.
Brown coily hair and a small brown face.
“Thank you for this gift.”

I thanked God for the angels watching over us as we slept.
Small, steady breathing from my little one.
I wondered what you were dreaming of because out of the blue you said, “Hmm?”
Shortly after you chuckled and smiled.
“The angels must be entertaining him,” I thought.

After slightly opening your eyes you realized I was here.
Kissed my face with those little lips and covered me with your hug.
I smile at you, my sweet little nephew.

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