Life to Your Soul

Sweet Sleep

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Photo courtesy of Shantel G. All rights reserved.

Soft light peers through my window as I’m wrapped by you.
Sweet little nephew.
Although the air is cold I am embraced by your warm love.

Last night while sleeping I heard little feet walk in my room.
I slowly opened my eyes and saw two bright, brown ones staring at me.
You climbed on the bed.
Sitting indian-style next to me waiting for the invite to lay down.
I put my covers on you, then you layed down.
I remember listening to you breathe.
Then finally you faded off to sleep.

As I woke up early this morning you were bundled up next to me.
I put your little arms around the covers.
Brown coily hair and a small brown face.
“Thank you for this gift.”

I thanked God for the angels watching over us as we slept.
Small, steady breathing from my little one.
I wondered what you were dreaming of because out of the blue you said, “Hmm?”
Shortly after you chuckled and smiled.
“The angels must be entertaining him,” I thought.

After slightly opening your eyes you realized I was here.
Kissed my face with those little lips and covered me with your hug.
I smile at you, my sweet little nephew.

Author: Shantel G.

there once was a little girl. who dreamed of impacting the world. but she didn't think she was brave enough. she thought she wasn't strong enough. didn't think she was even beautiful. one day she cried out to God in desperation. she wanted to feel loved and appreciated. God took her under His wings. changed her mindset and set her free from depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, and low self-esteem. she blossomed into a beautiful, courageous, confident woman. her gifts have opened doors and motivated others. her life never was the same. she is still blooming and I am she!

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