It’s Time

I didn’t even realize until today that I’ve been treating myself out lately. I’ve been hurt before and am still recovering from those who’ve taken advantage of my kindness and humility. But my leaf is turning and a new chapter has begun. No more tolerating people who try to control me. I have a voice and am not afraid to use it! I’m treating my body like the Queen and Temple she is, mind and heart included.

I encourage You,  yes you, whoever you are and wherever you are,  to LOVE yourself enough. Because you deserve to LIVE.  You deserve to enjoy life’s moments. 

Is it easy to recover from the past hurt? No. But it is well worth it.

I encourage you to check out my motivational cover of “Fight Song” here.

Peace & Blessings

#Nomore #Enoughisenough #Ivebeenthrough #ButImstillhere #Timetocelebrate #Living

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