Today’s my birthday so I’d like to share 25 things about myself.

1. I love parks and nature in general. There’s nothing like standing next to enormous trees and smelling the fresh air.

2. I love to sing. When I was 3 years old I started singing. My mom realized I had a gift when she heard me singing “Colors of the Wind” in the bathtub.

3. I love to paint and color. Not only is it therapeutic but fun to watch colors cross an empty canvas.

4. I wanted to be a mad scientist when I was younger. Between the ages of 7 and 12 I would make homemade concoctions at home (baking soda and perioxide, dough brains, goop, etc.) My little sister was my guinea pig and sometimes others involuntarily.

5. I once snipped one of my ponytails because I was inspired by Parent Trap’s hair cutting scene. (Of course, I was a professional hair stylist at 7. Who wasn’t?)

6. I walked into a door while staring at my elementary school crush across the hall. That was painful and embarrassing but I got his attention.

7. I won 1st place and $100 for a collage my mom and I made in tribute of Martin Luther King Jr. in a contest.

8. I didn’t know how to smile when I was younger. I had more of a grim smirk than an actual smile. It was rather scary.

9. My prom dress was paid for by a very nice woman I met on the bus. There were two left at David’s Bridal. Her daughter could fit one and she thought I’d fit the other. She was right! I tried it on and got it on my birthday in 2008.

10. I was known for being stiff when I would move in dance and when I would sing. An instructor from a prestigious college, I will not say where, sprained her wrist falling while trying to loosen me up!

11. I dyed my own hair at 17.

12. I almost drowned in a pool when I was about 9. I went too far out and a younger boy brought me back to safety.

13. When asked to sing in front of people I would turn my back to them or tell everyone to close their eyes because I was shy.

14. I was once a girl scout.

15. My name means song and stony place.

16. I made a rap when I was 12 about my name. It was cool. To this day my immediate family remembers the rap.

17. I won my family tickets to go to a beach with my church for singing Yolanda Adam’s “Fragile Heart” during karaoke.

18. I’ve shared the same stage with Fantasia, Talib Kweli, and a host of other celebs.

19. I love landscape photography and to take photos of different scenery.

20. Children motivate and inspire me in many ways. I encourage them to live out their dreams and enjoy their youth.

21. I preached my first sermon at 15. Prayer is the key!

22. I hear music and songs that haven’t been played before.

23. I reached top 40 in the Gospel Music Channel’s Most Powerful Voices competition.

24. I like to eat pasta and savory foods.

25. I have overcome depression, social phobia, and insecurities. I am an overcomer.

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