Beauty in the Brokenness

You never know what someone is going through behind the walls of their eyes. You smile, they smile. You say “hello,” they say “hello.” You ask “How are you?” They reply “I’m fine.”

Beyond the bland conversation there is a world filled with chaos. Chips. Scrapes. Fragments of what once was. Thoughts roaming as in outer space. Space. Blank space. The space between you both is greater than you are aware of. Time. They take the time going through each day. Hoping that time will heal as the old folks say.
Battered. Broken. Shamed and ashamed. Ashamed of what happened. Shamed by those who know. Ashamed for not speaking up. You wish you could make the noise stop  but then something happens…

You build up the courage to kneel. You build up the courage to cry out. You build up the courage to pray. Instead of asking, “Why me?,” you began with “I need help.” You confess the pain, you confess the wall you’ve built to cover up your devastation. Someone hears you. The healing process begins.

Close friends become closer. Family  members keep in contact and for the first time you let go. You let go of the resentment, you let go of the questions and the doubt. You realize that God is healing you. Your mind is lifted.

You gain strength, seek counseling, and obtain knowledge. You continue to fight for your life because you realize that your brokenness birthed resilience. You trials, triumph. You are loved.

You are loved by Cece Winans

Suicide Prevention Hotline:  1-800-273-8255

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