Ask & You Shall Receive

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7 BSB

Lately, the Lord has been dealing with me on the principle of asking. I must admit, it has not been an easy process on my end. Their have been various scenarios in the past few weeks where asking for something was a requirement. Questions rise on a daily basis in the average person’s life but this process was definitely an eye opener. 

It all started when I got up one morning to pray. After praying, I felt a heavy urge to not ask for bus money from my dad that morning. As odd as it may sound, the Holy Spirit speaks to me through urges and sensations. Then I heard, “Don’t get bus money today.” Honestly, I’ve been down that route before so I sensed that it was time to see my faith in action again.

On my commute to the bus stop I began praying. I thanked God for the community I lived in and prayed that His presence would manifest in the homes of the families. I greeted the children passing on their way to school. Then it hit me. What am I going to say to the bus driver? The Holy Spirit said within me, “I will give you the words to say.” About 5 minutes passed and I saw the bus coming down the street towards me. Tension began to rise within me.

As I boarded the bus I attempted to look through my purse for my bus pass. The driver would’ve probably laughed if she knew that my pass was invisible! Then I looked at her and said, “Ma’am, I don’t have my bus pass. May I ride the bus? She consented. Boy, did a sense of relief come over me.

As I rode on the bus I thought to myself, Wow. I am on this bus, going to work just like You said I would be. Then I prepared for the next bus ride which was free as well.


This act of walking in faith and asking continued throughout the weeks. But there was something that I realized within myself. I struggled with receiving from others.

For so long, I depended on myself and God to supply my needs but I had difficulty asking for blessings from others. It was in that moment that I realized I was wrong. I partially trusted God to supply my needs and disregarded His ability to use others in the process. I repented for limiting His blessings in my life and asked to be cleansed from the prideful way of thinking. Now, I am a living witness that God can transform anyone and take away our prideful nature.

In whatever area of your life where you’ve experienced pride God is willing and able to cleanse you. This post serves as a reminder that we all need more of Jesus in our daily lives. He guides us and through life’s experiences shows us our lack. He is able to fill every void with His love and completely remove the stains of our past.

Please pray this prayer:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your many blessings. Every day holds something new. I have overlooked some of your blessings. Please forgive me for that. Forgive me for having pride in my heart and not trusting you. I know that I was wrong. Help me to be a better (person or “say your relationship to someone you have met/known”) Help me to utilize the principle of asking and receiving in my daily life. Thank you for revealing your love to me. You are holy, loving, glorious, and worthy. With you, all things are possible and because of you I can let go of the negative. I am healed and I am whole.


If this is something that you have experienced, please share your story. We are overcomers!

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