What I’ve Learned in 2020

2020 has been an unpredictable year, to say the least. Many of us would never have imagined it being like this. We’ve had Covid break out, quarantines, crazy elections, shortage of toilet paper, and the rise of Zoom conferences. Challenges nearly broke some of us and we’ve probably prayed as a world more than we ever have. But something about this year has been extraordinary, exhilarating, and solid.

The way I see it, vision, clarity, and insight DID occur although not in ways we anticipated. Schools came up with creative ways to teach their students, neighbors checked in on eachother, churches expanded their broadcasting techniques, and families for the first time in a long time paused their busy schedules. Let’s not forget about our EMTs, doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, and police who basically have worked non-stop to ensure the safety of others. Business ideas became a reality and racism was addressed in a global way, all in 2020.

It’s been an adjustment and certainly not a walk in the park, but I feel like 2020 has been a teaching moment for us all. Here are some things I’ve learned from it.

  • Patience. It’s a fruit of the spirit. I’ve had to be patient with myself, others, God, and my circumstances. It hasn’t always been comfortable but certainly necessary.
  • Have Fun. Find ways to express your creativity, enjoying others and yourself even in quarantine.
  • Tomorrow is not promised so we should cherish today. We’ve experienced loss of loved ones, jobs, and opportunities. Let’s cherish what we have and pray for others.
  • Do the Hard Thing. There are visions inside of you waiting to be birthed. It may be a book, blog, business, or program. If God has graced you with the opportunity, take the next step in the process of fruition.
  • Preparation is key. Your hidden seasons are just as important as your revealed ones. God will see you through and send people to help you.

I pray that you are comforted. I pray that you receive resources, direction, and clarity in the days and year ahead. You have made it this far so God certainly has not forgotten about you.

Prayer for These Times

God, we thank you for this year 2020. Thank you for your provision, blessings, protection, and guidance. Although we’ve suffered losses, we’ve also gained so much. Your plans give us a future and a hope as stated in Jeremiah 29:11. Help us to see the opportunities and blessings in times like these. To help others and to be the light as you’ve called us to be in Ephesians 5:8,9. We turn to you and away from darkness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

My first book At Those Times: A Day by Day Devotional is now available! Inspired by personal letters to God during times of joy and heartache, At Those Times offers Godly perspective to life’s ever-changing circumstances. Just as plants grow based on their care and environment, I believe we need nourishment for our souls on a daily basis. Be refreshed and filled with God’s Spirit as you dive deeper into At Those Times. You can purchase on Amazon or if you live in Maryland, directly from me. Message me through the contact form for more information.

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